Prayer Beads: The Well of the Wyrd


Tree of Life: 1
Well: 1
Small suns or moons: 4

Rhodochrosite: 9
Clear Quartz: 9
Smokey Quartz: 9


Tree of Life: 1
Small moon: 1
Rhodochrosite: 9
Small moon: 1
Clear Quartz: 9
Small moon: 1
Smokey Quartz: 9
Small moon: 1
Well: 1


Tree of Life:
I sing of the World Tree
From the misty void of Ginnungagap
The Great Tree of the Nine Worlds
At whose roots lies the Well of the Wyrd
There live the Norns
Weaving the threads of all

Small Moon:
In the Turning of Time, we are our deeds.

I sing of Urda
Of Which Has Been
Who governs the threads
Of memory,
Mists and shadows

Clear quartz:
I sing of Verdandi
Of Which Is Becoming
Who governs the threads
Of the ever present,
Clarity and light

Smokey quartz:
I sing of Skuld
Of Which Is Yet To Come
Who governs the threads
Of endings
Night and blackness

The Well of the Wyrd:
The Well feeds the World Tree
Deeds upon deeds
Rippling in the waters
Layers upon layers like fallen leaves
The Past becomes the Future

The Well of the Wyrd

This is a brief introduction to Norse theology regarding “fate.”

The Norse have the concept of Wyrd , which is the destiny of every living being (Gods, humans, and Others) cast by the Norns (Fates). Wyrd is mutable for it is the threads by which every being weaves their tapestry. Every action by one being will affect those with whom they interact. The reverse is also true, since each being’s tapestry has the threads of others woven into it.

Orlog, another Norse concept, is what the person starts with. Since Orlog is laid down first before the person is born, it governs where, when, and how they are born. A part of their Orlog is inherited from their ancestors, and therefore passed on to their children. Furthermore, Orlog can be built up through actions in a person’s life.

Growing from the misty void of Ginnungagap, Yggdrasil, the World Tree, is fed by the Well of the Wyrd. The World Tree connects all of the Nine Worlds. (Note) The leaves (the past actions) of the Tree fall into the Well, which shapes the present.

Lying at the base of Yggdrasil, the Well of the Wyrd holds the waters of fate. The deeds of all beings water the Well. Since It holds all that has come before, the Well becomes the cycle of the past on the present which determines the future. The echoes of the past meets the echoes of the future in the present. To accept the present is to be free of the past and the future.

The Weavers of the threads are the Norns (Nornir), who live at the base of the World Tree. Urd (the Past), Verdandi (What is Presently coming into Being) and Skuld (What Shall Be) are the three Norns. They do allow each being to weave with the threads that have been given them. Urd spins the wool that Verdandi spools and Skuld cuts. By meditating on the names of the Norns, deeper meanings will emerge. Urd (Wyrd) means “fate and destiny.” Verdandi is “to become” or “in the making of.” Skuld means “debt” and “the future that must happen.” Each offers a doorway deeper into the tapestry of life.

The Nine Worlds:
Asgard – Realm of the Aesir
Alfheim – Realm of the Elves
Hel – Realm of the Dead, who died of illness or old age
Jotunheim – Realm of the Giants
Midgard – Realm of the Humans
Muspelheim – Realm of Fire
Nidavellir/Svartalfheim – Realm of the Dwarves and the Dark Elves
Niflheim – Realm of Ice
Vanaheim – Realm of the Vanir