Exploring a dream: “Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting”

This particular dream opened with pro-basketball players playing in the tall golden grass. Their hands and heads were all I could see, besides the basketball itself. The grass looked like it was ready for harvest. Meanwhile, the players were enjoying themselves.

Since everyone was hungry from playing basketball, I got fried chicken sandwiches from a near-by diner. The sandwiches had lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise on them. We ate on crates under leafy trees in a mown area of grass. To drink, we had tall glasses of crystals-carnelian, rhodochrosite, and sodalite (orange, red, blue). We were having our Vitamin C. (That is what the voice inside the dream told me.) Eating under a brilliant blue sky with a bright yellow sun made us happy and content.

Apparently, we were near a large government building of concrete, chrome, and glass. A group of elderly people were milling around Joe Biden, who was near the entrance. This group had white hair and drab face masks. Suddenly a group of middle-aged people, not wearing masks, showed up waving white signs. (I could not read what the signs said.) Angered, the elderly people attacked them. Yes, everyone was literally Kung-Fu fighting.

In the middle of the melee was Biden waving his arms shouting, “everyone simmer down!” No one heard him, nor did they pay him any attention. In fact, someone hit him with a sign. Even after being hit on the head, Biden kept waving his arms. Meanwhile, people kept on Kung-Fu fighting.

The dream came a couple days after I received the news that my local post office was closed. Since twenty-three mail carriers had COVID-19, the mail was quarantined. Meanwhile, in the mainstream news, people were fighting over how to combat the virus. Where I live, we are under a mask ordinance. I perceived that since everyone fears the plague, their fear makes them crazy.

The fighting reminded me of Kabuki theater, with the stylized response and dialog. Meanwhile, the Kung-Fu fighting, a Chinese martial art, indicates a ritualistic approach to the virus, instead of an ad-hoc approach. People were using the means of magic to control the plague.

Meanwhile, the basketball players were normal. (In real life, they were in their bubble.) A common motif in my dream is yellow grass, which signals exploring and adventure. When it appears, I leave the confines of where I live, and go into the wilderness. Since the players were mentally and physically healthy, I felt the need to follow their example, and leave my fearfulness behind.

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