My devotional calendar is an organic thing that grows and changes, as I learn more about the Gods who I venerate. Since I follow a Roman-centric practice, I use many sources for Roman festivals (fasti). Starting with that basis, I work out the Gods of the Month.

For the Romans, October is a month to focus on the affairs of the state and of the community. Fides (Good Faith), Felicitas (Good Fortune) and Venus Victrix (Venus Victorious) are honored for the protection of the people and the continuing favor of the Gods. Di Penates (the Gods of the Pantry) are also given sacrifices for protecting the food stores.

Also, October is a month of transitions. The campaign season is over and soldiers return home. They and their weapons need to be purified before they can rejoin the civilian population. Meanwhile, welfare of the people are prayed for by offerings to springs and drinking the first wine for health.

In my personal devotions, I honor Hekate and Anubis (Gods of the Dead) who helped me in adjusting to life after my traumatic brain injury. (Note 1.)  October is also the beginning of the Wild Hunt by Odin, the All-Father of the Norse.


FIDES PUBLICA: The Goddess of Good Faith and Trust, Fides Publica has sacrifices made to Her on October 1. This Goddess presides over oral contracts both political and social. Roman priests make offerings to Fides with gloved hands, to show their absolute trust in Her. God of the Month: Fides

MANIA and DII MANES: The Opening of the Mundus (the Well to the Underworld) is conducted for the second time in the year on October 5. At this time, the Dead (Dii Manes) go amongst the living. I say prayers to Dii Manes and Mania, who is Guardian of the Underworld, to protect my family from the restless Dead. God of the Month: Di Parentes and Di Manes

FAUSTA FELICITAS: On October 9, a festival is held for Fausta Felicitas, the Goddess of Good Fortune. As Felicitas Publica, She is the Divine Force of the State. People pray to Her in both aspects to keep the commonwealth prosperous and successful. God of the Month: Fausta Felicitas

VENUS VICTRIX: The Roman Goddess Venus has many aspects. One of them is Venus Victrix (Venus Victorious), who protects the State. As Venus Genetrix, She is considered to be the Ancestress of the Roman People. As the Evening Star, Venus led her son Aeneas to Latium to settle. Her festival is also on October 9. God of the Month: Venus

MEDITRINA: The Meditrinalia, the Festival of First Wine, is held on October 11. Cups of new wine mixed with old wine is drunk to Meditrina, Goddess of the First Wine and Healing. She is the daughter of Aesculapis God of Healing, and the sister of Hygenia, Goddess of Health. God of the Month: Meditrina

FONS: Fons, the God of Springs, is honored at the Fontinalia on October 13. I make offerings for clean water at a neighborhood stream. God of the Month: Fons

DI PENATES: On October 14, Romans honor Di Penates, the Gods of the Pantry. Along with the Lars, Di Penates protect the household. Since They guard the food stores, Di Penates can be considered the Gods of the Food Banks. Taking canned goods to a food bank is one way to honor Di Penates.

MARS: In October, the Roman armies came home from the wars. They and their arms had to be purified, and Mars thanked for another campaign season. The final sacrifice to Mars for the season was the October Horse. The Armilustrium was the purification of the weapons and trumpets (tubae). At this time, I honor Mars and say prayers for veterans on October 18. Gods of the Month: Mars

ODIN: Because my Anglo-Saxon Ancestors wanted an altar to their Gods, I have observances for these Gods also. Winternights, the beginning of the winter and The Wild Hunt are in October. Odin (Woden) is a God of the Season, since the Wild Hunt starts at this time and continues through the winter. (Note 2.) Ghost Riders in the Sky or the Wild Hunt

1. October is the month of my brain injury when The Wall fell on me. Anubis and Hekate came to me during my coma, and enlisted me to help with the Dead. During this month, I make offerings to these Gods. Hekate, Anubis, My Brain Injury, and Time

2. The Norse Winternights, the beginning of the winter is from October 29 to November 2.


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