God of the Month: Acheulian Goddess of Prehistory


From The Sacred Source

An ancient Goddess from Paleolithic times, the Acheulian Goddess was first worshipped by Homo erectus (the predecessor to modern humans and Neanderthals). A pebble shaped carving was found in 1981 at the Golan Heights at Israel left by a hominid tribe believed to be Homo erectus, who camped in the area. This object is estimated to be between 232,000 and 800,000 years old.

Because many generations of the human species have known Her, I call Her the Goddess of Beginnings. To know this particular Goddess, I have had to side-step a popular notion among Pagans that human society was a matriarchy until it was overthrown by warriors on horseback. I also have to ignore the pervasive idea that the Acheulian Goddess is only one aspect of the Great Goddess. Today, lost in Goddess worship, She becomes yet another symbol of the fabled past.

To know Her means stripping away modernistic thinking. To see the Acheulian Goddess as Homo erectus does requires letting go of the present. As L.P. Hartley noted in his novel The Go-Between: “The Past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.” To me, She is the Goddess of the Beginnings, the Goddess who appeared in the dreams of Homo erectus. To them, She was the Keeper of Mysteries of Life and Death.

Goddess of Beginnings

Known by Humans

Before they were humans.

You entered their dreams

You heard their prayers.

Keeper of Mysteries

Of Life and Death

We remember You.

Read more about this Goddess and to purchase Her Likeness: The Sacred Source.

From Goddess Alive!  According to the Journal of Israel Prehistoric Society, this astounding figurine, carved from scoria stone (a porous volcanic rock), can be considered as “the earliest manifestation of a work of art”. Although she predates the Willendorf Goddess by an amazing quarter-million years, they are much alike in that both are distinctly female, great breasted with featureless heads and discrete limbs. Also like Willendorf, the Acheulian Goddess appears to have a groove suggestive of the sacred vulva.

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